Company structure

A.C. Expert staff is member of the Insurance Surveyors National Association, so in a position to cover all damages and events caused during transports, as requested by Italian legislation. We have specialized expert collaborators in:

  • Cargo damage evaluation within air, land and sea transportation (on ships, trains,
    motor vehicles, containers, etc)
  • Evaluation and quantification of damages / quotes on the vehicles, with specialisation
    in industrial vehicles, top cars and boats
  • Locating the source and cause of damage incurred to transported cargo
  • Compatibility of damages and dynamics of the situation
  • Loss Prevention- full checks and inspections to the loading/unloading
    (Pre-Loading/Pre-Discharging Survey), stowing and lashing of goods
  • Weight checks and Draft Survey
  • Samplings
  • Providing -holds cleanliness certificate; suitability of warehouse storage, containers,
    trucks, train carriage
  • Certification in sealing and unsealing
  • Estimate on production damages (product liability)
  • Issuing of Insurance technical advices / survey reports
  • Claims management

    Types of transport and cargo

    A.C. Expert operates within national
    and international markets, with a...


    Know how / Experience

    Throughout the years our services
    have been extended, offering...


    Areas of activity

    A.C. Expert covers the entire
    North-East area of Italy, with...


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